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There are two kinds of people on Earth, which one is you:

1). Hypocrite: fakes to others/ just talks/ depressed/ sad/ prefers evil ways over positiveness/ / self-centered/ leftist/ infomaniac/ people of 'one' God-Guru-Book slavery. 
2). Gen-A: no-show-off/ loving/ doer/ selfless/ positive in actions/ humanity and dharma most important. 

If you are a Hypocrite and want to get over it or a Gen-A then come join hands with AatmaGuru Korak Day's mission of selfless loving, for #GoldenAge4Humanity and for your #InnerExcellence - to enjoy living a content LIFE100%.

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We have 7 (seven) selfless loving missions for humanity's inner excellence, health, and nature.
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