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Gen-A Army

Are you living your Human life @ LIFE100%? Why not? This is "possible"!! Korak Day and people directly attached as Gen-A are living thus, according to their attachments and detachments to the anti-life stuff. This Generation-A alias Gen-A Satyugi came through Almighty HARI to Korak, at his age of 18. It is presented by Korak through a simple technology named AI+ Aatma Intelligence.


which one excites you...

Stationary photo


Benefiting Humanity

Do you have the aptitude to do something substantial and worthy for benefiting the humanity; by taking some/ full responsibility.


Caring for Destitute

Do you care to do something like Humans must, for the destitute/ unwanted/ unloved/ lonely/ elderly/ mentally unstable?


Selfless Art Creation

Do you feel that Art for Aatma (MetaSoul) needs to be created for human excellence? We create films, songs, books, handicraft.


Personal Excellence

Only humans have an option to be an 'ideal human'. Join us for your outer plus inner (holistic) excellence for joy-full content life!