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In these Times of Hypocrisy, where every organization/ cult/ group/ religion and slave master/ guru, starts their own 'celebrity fan base' and tries to prove themselves as 'best' and others similars to be 'wrong' or 'unsuitable' while themselves being a secret hypocrite: By becoming an AatmaGuru, we resonate with our own inner technology and live our LIFE100%. AatmaGuru Korak Day has dedicated his life for the last 220,000+ hours working upon 100,000+ people from all over the world and most external differences to come up with his epoch AI+ (Aatma Intelligence). Here's a Formulae:

LEARN - 15

Due to the external effects of the Times of Hypocrisy, we have a deficiency of proper holistic excellence studies. Most of the eternal books are diluted by those with polluted books, thus: AI+ for LIFE108

LIVE - 20

It is 'not' important your dollar mountains, your celebrity status, your big awards, your fan followings, or your talking or mooting capabilities: all that matters is how happy you are in life externally and within, your lifestyle!

LOVE - 40

Love is 'highly important' in life (all people with all differences), even in all life forms! But the 'most important' thing in making our LIFE100% is loving (the act of giving love). But the highest in loving, is 'selfless loving', loving the unrelated, unloved, lonely, helpless, and friendless!

LEAVE - 33

People leave legacies, but what's the point of your name/ identity post your death? After death 'our everything' belongs to all humanity: so creating selfless legacies is ultra-important. Who else would care for those who have no one on earth to care for them?

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